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Nikki Giron releases new track “Granted” showing off classical sound with a heavenly voice

In a world full of commercialized music, Nikki Giron’s shows that classical sound music still has it’s place in the scene. Mixing in her heavenly voice and soft keys on the piano, it’s hard not to feel the passion she has for music. With so much crap music being put out these days it’s a refreshing beautiful mix of sound that leaves you more than pleased.

Denver, Colorado. Singer, songwriter, and Saxophonist Nikki Giron has been working hard at creating an image and sound for herself. She debuts her upcoming single on Friday, September 14th 2018 with a live studio video. With her sultry voice that takes you back to the 1950s she transcends time with her youthful glow and mature approach to music. With her love for vintage and oldies music she created the power ballad called ‘Granted’.

In ‘Granted’, the ears become accustomed to the stripped-down piano/vocal that presents the song. With swells and soft parts, it is dynamic and powerful in it’s execution. With Nikki’s soulful and jazzy voice, the song is emotional and driving. The main point the song contrasting between letting people take you for Granted with an confidence uplift from the lyric ‘You can take me for granted, but you can’t take my pride. Her sparkly dress and victory roll exerts her passion for vintage looks and music, with her modern approach to her make-up styling. In the live studio video done by Nick Pelc at Side 3 Studios she is alone in a room she sits with a grand piano and her voice and ‘Granted’ is born.

“To me, ‘Granted’’ is a clear representation of pain accompanied with pride. This song represents a lot of what I was going through at the time and with the emotions of how I powered through it. When all was said and done I always had my pride.” – Nikki Giron

When Nikki Giron was just 8 years old she was introduced to Elvis Presley by her grandmother, she wanted to be just like him one day, she was inspired. She is a Colorado Native. She began her passion for musical instruments, such as piano and saxophone at a very young age. She is currently attending the University of Colorado Denver for Music Business. Nikki Giron is a trained musician and singer. She plans on releasing an EP later in the year as well. Granted will be available on all streaming platforms on September 14, 2018.

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