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Make The Fest Of It aims to bring everything you love about a music festival to your home

Make The Fest Of It aims to bring everything you love about a music festival to your home. They are set to have not just music but art, apparel, workshops, and more.

Music is such a small part of a festival these days. You can spend your days doing yoga and checking out workshops, looking at installations, and a whole lot more. With Covid-19 shutting down not only festivals but shows all together for the foreseeable future, Make The Fest Of It is bringing it all to your home. Through live streams of music, interactive workshops with vendors and artists, and a whole lot more, there is sure to be something for everyone.

It’s obvious that the community that we love dearly is going to be hurt by everything shutting down. With no idea when we will be able to return to shows and festivals, a lot of people are wondering what they will do to get by. Make The Fest Of It, will be working through a variety of donations, sales, and subscriptions to raise funds to give back to the community.

““Make the FEST of It” raises funds and in return directly provides access to a growing lineup of festival related content to Campaign Patrons, Fest Pack holders, Crowdfunding Pledgers, Direct Donors, and In-Kind Gift providers continuously through our Social Network Partner and on the days of the special Stay At Home events.”

You can participate in many ways; donating, streaming, one time donations, hosting workshops and streams, and more. To read more visit here. Through Make The Fest Of It, you can become a patron to have access to whatever content you wish. Whether you want to select different musical acts, different artists, or workshops, there will be content for everyone. There will also be interactive workshops like yoga and painting with featured artists. Subscriptions and donations get you a wide variety of amount of content.

“The “Make the FEST of It” Campaign raises funds to assist organizations, workers, businesses and fans effected by the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic in multiple ways to donate financial resources, material resources, as well as time and effort.”

We all love festivals and the community that surrounds it. Covid-19 is temporary but this is our lives. It is how we spend our time and money. They are a part of us. Even though we may not be together soon, we can still build the community and make it strong than ever. Be sure to subscribe ASAP and things are growing quickly for this up and coming company.

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